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High quality, nutrient dense food powder to elevate your health, effortlessly!

33 Organic or Wild Harvested plant-based ingredients to supercharge your life!

--Mix 2 tablespoons with your favorite hot, warm, or cold liquid and enjoy!

Enjoy with water, nut milks, coffee, as a coffee replacer, in baked goods, on top of desserts...

or eat it right out of the bag!

"Drinking less coffee just got a whole lot easier."

*Organic **Wild Harvested Ingredients

*Organic **Wild Harvested +Sprouted

*Cacao Paste, *MCT Oil Powder, *Hemp Protein, *Date Powder, *+Pecan, *+Macadamia, *Spirulina, *+Brazil Nut, *Moringa, *Tumeric, *Golden Maca, *Chlorella, *Ashwagandha, **Alaea Hawaiin Salt, *Chicory Root, *Mesquite Pod, *Cinnamon, *Carob Powder, *Reishi, *Chaga, *Lion's Mane, *Turkey Tail, Tahitian Vanilla Bean Powder, *Shiitake, *Maitake, *Cordyceps, *Cardamom, *Ginger, *Monkfruit Extract, Black Pepper, **Shilajit, *Clove, Monoatomic Gold.


[ ACTIVATE ] SuperfoodPowder by CacaoFormula(TM).

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What is Theobroma Cacao and why is it good for me?

Theobromine Molecule

Theobromine: an alkaloid similar to caffeine, however does not have an effect on the central nervous system. It's primary functions are improving circulatory, respiratory, and excretory systems... 

Theobroma Cacao has been shown to decrease blood pressure, stimulate the brain and heart, increase mental performance, reduce brain fog, remove toxins, open the bronchioles increasing oxygen to the lungs, reduce neurodegenerative diseases, prevent tooth decay, improve cholesterol levels, anti-inflammatory properties, improve sleep, mood, cognitive functions and more.

While similar to Caffeine in molecular structure, Theobromine has a cleaner, "non-jittery" energy delivery and our Cacao is packed with far more health benefits and loaded with highly beneficial minerals such as Magnesium, Copper, Zinc and Manganese. 

Cacao, theobroma, theobromine, raw organic

Raw Cacao is loaded with nutrients as well as micronutrients such as polyphenols.

Polyphenols are known for fighting free radicals, blocking tumor growth, treating active cancer cells, to promote brain health, protect against dementia, reduce inflammation and the appearance of aging, and help the body digest Lectins which can lead to better nutrition absorption and overall gut health. 

We source our Cacao from the highest quality farms we can find ranging from Guatemala, Peru, and Ecuador.

CacaoFormula(TM) Theobroma Cacao Food Powder

Proteins, Fats, Minerals, Adaptogens, Nootropics, oh my!

This organic / wild harvested blend of superfoods, healthy fats, plant protiens, sprouted nuts, functional mushrooms, pre-biotics, adaptogens, nootropics and mineral rich ingredients were carefully selected for their unique individual and combination effects on the Body & Mind. 

Energy. Focus. Mood. Digestion. Satisfying.

Making healthy taste great is our passion.

Our Mission is to enhance lives through a healthy, time saving, delicious breakfast and lunch option that kicks coffee's butt!

"This is exactly what I've been looking for!" 

- Sample Taster

"Finally, a meal replacement with real ingredients."

- Sample Taster

"So long coffee."

- Creator of Cacao Formula(TM)

"I was activated, focused, but not jittery... and I wasn't hungry for hours!"

- Co-Working Sample Taster

"You had me at...Nothing Artificial."

- Investor

Ways to enjoy...

Drink it! Mix 2 tbsp with 8oz of hot, warm, or cold water or nut milk.

Add just enough liquid to make a fudge-like superfood spread!

As a topping to your favorite dessert!

Add ACTIVATE Superfood Powder to boost the nutrient content of your baked goods!