What makes us different?

Nutrient density is the measurement of calories per gram... We pride ourselves on leaving out all the fillers that make other leading meal powders less nutrient dense and ultimately lower quality. All the fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals, adaptogens and nootropics one could ask for without ANYTHING artificial, ever. 

As a Protein source, Cacao Formula is plant based (vegan). Plant proteins are easy to digest and packed with vitamins and minerals.

Animal products? No whey!

Healthy Fats have more energy per calorie than protein or carbs... We're really excited that our powder is higher in fats than even the leading Keto meal powders... Two tablespoons is all it takes! 

Not all Carbohydrates are created equal. Compared to other meal replacement powders on the market, our carbs are high quality plant fibers that are sustainable energy and won't leave you feeling full and sluggish. 

Unlike most other superfood meal powders available, all of our Vitamins and Minerals are naturally occurring. No synthetics here folks. 

Date sugar has benefits that made it our choice for the sweet side of our powder... loaded with minerals, fiber, antioxidants, and is known for preventing or treating constipation, cancer and diabetes. 

Nuts are more easily digested when soaked and sprouted. We soak, sprout, and dehydrate the three healthiest nuts out there to keep your gut happy while adding delicious nutty flavor and additional healthy fats and protein.

Better than coffee? Yes... Cacao is loaded with Theobromine which activates the mind and body very similar to caffeine, yet does not effect the central nervous system. Meaning all the energy without the nasty side effects! 

Want to build muscle? Cacao Formula is loaded with bio-available proteins and makes a great pre and or post workout meal. Where others have added fillers, artificial sweeteners, flavors, and emulsifiers such as maltodextrin... we've kept it clean and real. 

Want to lose weight? Ok! With all the activating ingredients and none of the artificial fillers and empty carbs.. Feel nourished, energized, and curve hunger cravings with this paleo superfood powder without feeling full, blooded, and packing on empty carb calories. 

If you are tired of chalky, clumpy, overly sweetened, or bland meal replacement powders but crave that easy to use convenience... You've come to the right place! Cacao Formulas can literally be eaten right out of the bag and people are raving over the flavor profile... Let us know how much you enjoy the TASTE and FEELING of what we've created and we thank you ahead of time for giving our product a try :) 

Be well.